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Give Away Whatever You Want

What do you want in life?  Whatever it is – stop looking for it
I know that flies in the face of what we think.  We have been taught that if we want something in life we have to go after it hard and pursue in faith.  Hang with me for a minute on this one.  There are too many people who spend their entire life looking for the things they want in life – but never get them.  They want to be loved so they look for someone to love them.  They want financial security so they look for a job that will give it to them.  They want to be validated so they look for a friend who will make them feel better about themselves.
The problem with all of that is that what you pursue generally eludes you…maybe it’s time to try something new.
Stop looking for what you want in life and determine that you are going to give away to others what you want the most – that’s right – give it away!
If you want to be loved – then go show someone today that you love them through a kind act or word.  If you want financial security – then go give some money to someone in need.  You want to feel validated – then go do something for someone that will make them feel good about themselves.   You get the picture?
Jesus said:   Give and it shall be given unto you good measure pressed down and shaken together will men give unto your bosom. 
He wasn’t just talking about money – this is a universal principle.  Whatever you are willing to give and let go of will come back to you in greater abundance than what you had in the beginning.  You see – God will never bless that which you are unwilling to give away.  The only way for a seed to grow is for you to plant it within fertile ground.  The only way for God to put more into your hand is for you to release what is already there.
So get off the quest of searching for what you want and make the decision you are going to give it away.  When you give it away – it is going to come right back at you – but even greater than what you gave away.
Stop searching and start giving…you will be amazed at what you find!

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