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Life is Listening – What are You Saying?

You are a walking message center.  Every day you live – your life is sending out messages to the world.  Every place you go – you immediately change the temperature of that room either making it better or making it worse.  Every person you meet – you influence their life either to become better or maintain the status quo.  The fact is – you are sending a message today.  Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 3:2Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men.”  Your life is a letter that all will read and what they read will either elevate them or demote them.   It is important that if I am going to live life to its full potential that I pay careful attention to the message I send and the expression of life that I make.
The ultimate expression of life is not a paycheck.  The ultimate expression of life is not my driving a Mercedes.  The ultimate expression of life is not the size or cost of house in which I live.  Neither is it the social or political position I maintain.  I must learn the ultimate expression of life is living the life God has designed for me to live.  When I can live life at the level God wants me to live – the influence I bring to others will always lift them to a higher level and make a lasting impact on them.  There is no greater legacy that one can leave than the legacy of a life that motivated others to become better!  What is the expression of that kind of life?  How do I express a life well lived? 
By my relationship with God
  • The Bible is clear that “…in him we live, and move, and have our being (Acts 17:28).  To live my life without the expression of God’s purpose would be fruitless.  When I daily express to the world that I am solely living to fulfill the purpose and plan of God in my life – there is a message sent to them that they too have a God-given purpose and they can fulfill a plan that is far greater than themselves and the world around them.  To miss the will of God is to miss the ultimate expression of life!  
By my life’s productivity
  • You were made to produce.  You were not geared for rest and relaxation.  Yes, rest is a necessary part of life but only to refuel us to go and produce what we are designed to produce.  The soil receives the seed and with the proper amount of sun and rain – it produces in its season.  The purpose for the seasons of your life is so that you can produce.  When you live a productive life – you express to others the life well lived.  
By my life’s culture
  • My language – my music – my activity – the manner in which I dress and present myself all send a message.  The moment I walk out the door – I immediately send a message to everyone who sees me.  In fact – people will see me before they hear me and if they don’t like what they see they probably won’t listen to what I say.  Look at and listen to yourself today and make certain that the message you are sending is one of excellence and one which represents your Savior well! 
By my family and inner circle
  • How I conduct myself at home and with those closest to me determines the message I send to others.  When my home is in chaos – my world is in chaos.  I cannot put a front on to others that will bring lasting change.  If a man can leave his home and still feel the kiss of his little girl on his cheek throughout the day – that is a life well lived.  If a man can sense the embrace of his wife in the midst of serious problems on the job – that is the ultimate expression of life.  Don’t take for granted those closest to you because they are a huge part of the message you send every day.
Evaluate the message you are sending out today and be certain it is one that can be determined as the ultimate expression of life.  God designed you to live the ultimate life – so go do it for His glory!!

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