Are you interested in being a Mentor or having a Mentor? The Christian Center Church Mentor Program is a simple program designed for a Mentor and a Mentee to connect one day a week, for 20 minutes on the telephone (the first 3 weeks of the month) reviewing and discussing 2-3 assigned scriptures from the previous weeks interaction. The last Saturday of each month (10 am -12 Noon), Mentors and Mentees come together as a group at the church. Mentors meet from 10 am -10:45 am for the month review and receive a step-by-step guide for the next month’s lessons; Mentees come in at 10:45 a.m. (grab a snack) and meet with their mentor from 11:00 am -11:20 am for the 4th week interaction. Around 11:20 am everyone comes together as a group for open discussion, questions, and to talk about agenda items and upcoming activities.

Once a quarter, usually the last Saturday of the month, the group comes together to engage in some type of community service and prayer, and periodically we have guest speakers for the last half hour of our monthly meeting.Our motto is Having fun, growing in Christ together!

The first 6-month program is ‘God Is Love’; the second 6-month program is ‘Going Deeper, Coming Up Higher’. Come to one of our meetings and check us out…you’ll be glad you did! You may also email Angela Marciniak our Mentor Ministry Leader at [email protected] if you have any other questions and she will be happy to get back with you.