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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

So…when you got up this morning and looked in the mirror – who did you see?  Seems like a funny question to ask yourself but the answer reveals why you are in the situation you are right now.  The perception we have of ourselves determines the attitude with which we approach life.  Your attitude is then translated into action.  In fact – the things you do today will be a direct result of the attitude of your heart because what is in you will eventually overflow out of you.  Think about that for a moment – what you are feeling right now will eventually flow out of you – good or bad.  Do you really want people to see what is on the inside of you?  The rejection many people suffer in life.  Many people who are presently experiencing rejection in their life have started with a clear rejection of themselves which then transcends into them experiencing rejection in other areas of their life.  How can you expect others to accept you if you cannot accept yourself?  Here is what you need to do:
  • See yourself as God sees you
I must realize who I am in Christ.  No matter how many times you have been rejected by people – you will never be rejected by the Lord Jesus Christ.  Too many times people develop their self image based on what people have said about them rather than what God has said about them.  There is a huge difference because man only judges according to what they see on the outside but God judges according to the hidden things of the heart.  Samuel made this mistake as he stood before the sons of Jesse looking for the new king of Israel – but looking at all the wrong things.  The Lord quickened him by saying
“Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for [the LORD seeth] not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.” – (I Samuel 16:7)
  • You will live up to the expectation you have of yourself.
If you expect very little of yourself – then you will accomplish very little in your life.  You will never rise above the image you have of yourself – that is why it is imperative that you establish your image based on the right standards.  Don’t base your image on the standards set by the world which are totally carnal in nature – how you look, how you dress, the type of home in which you live – the make and model of car you drive; but rather base your image on the standard that God sets through His Word.
  • Speak about yourself as God speaks about you
How do I know what image you have of yourself?  Very simple – by the way that you speak about yourself.  You can know what is in someone’s heart merely by listening to their conversation.  I can see what is in your heart by merely listening to what you have to say about yourself.  Stop walking through life telling yourself that you are insignificant, unqualified, overweight, and ugly or whatever characteristic you have ascribed to yourself.  Your words will amplify either the problems or the possibilities that create action in your life.  What you talk about will take root and spring forth to action in your life which will define who you are.  Start speaking about yourself as God speaks about you.  Want to know what God says about you – it is very simple – just open His Word and God is very clear that He thinks the world of you.  So – why shouldn’t you?
Make this a day that you start seeing yourself and speaking about yourself as God does.  He is the One Who made you – and He made no mistakes when He did.  Change your approach and you will change your attitude which in turn will change your life!

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