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The Day After Christmas

Welcome to the “Day After Christmas”! 
I pray you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and enjoyed a festive meal and fellowship together.  But here we are:  the day after Christmas.  The dishes from the dinner may still be in the sink.  Wrapping paper may still be on the floor.  The aftermath of your Christmas celebration is a stark reminder that all the planning that went into your celebration is now over and you are faced with “the day after”!
Here is a thought you may have never considered:  did you know today is known as “Boxing Day”?  Boxing Day is usually celebrated on the day after Christmas in the United Kingdom and other countries with British roots. Although its origin is unclear, a popular theory is that it stems from the medieval practice of churches opening their collection boxes for the poor on this day, and so charity is an important theme to this holiday. But I want to add my own spin on to “Boxing Day 2016” for you.
Maybe you should use this day after Christmas as a day in which you will “box up” all of the hurts and disappointments you have had in 2016 and put them away so you can be ready to enter 2017 with a clean slate!
Too many times we hold on to the setbacks and disappointments in life and carry them forward into the New Year.  I think this year should be different.  This is the year that you need to clean up the messes that life has laid at your feet throughout the year and “box that mess up” and take it out to the trash!
That could mean calling someone today to forgive them for what they said.  That may mean forgiving yourself for the bad choices you made this year and create an action plan so you don’t make those same decisions.  You know what it will take to “box up” all of those disappointments and disillusionments from the past year.  Do whatever it takes so when the ball drops on 2017 in just 6 days – you will be free and clear to walk into the best year of your life!

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