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The Greatest Item on Your “To Do” List

Are you focused on people or simply being productive? 
We live in a world focused on the bottom line.  We have to meet our numbers on the job and maintain the role of super-dad and super-mom at home.  If we are not careful we can find ourselves in the trap of performing so that we can be productive rather than pursuing people.
Jesus came to Peter and Andrew and rocked their world with these words:
Matthew 4:19
And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.
With this statement He totally changed their focus away from the tangible business of fishing into the intangible business of changing people’s lives. 
Jesus hasn’t changed His focus – He is still calling us to focus more on people than we do anything else.  So where are you in your focus?  Are you more excited about being the top sales person than you are mentoring someone to improve their life?  Do you exert more energy into your job than you do discovering ways to encourage and inspire the people around you?  Just maybe some of the discontent you feel in your life may come from being focused on the wrong things.  You may improve your numbers on the job – but investing in the life of someone else will give you far deeper and longer meaning than a spreadsheet ever will.
So here is my challenge:  find someone to invest some time and energy into.  Schedule a coffee with them or send them a note.  Be intentional about pouring your life into people rather than just productivity.
Because the greatest thing to check off your to do list is the fact your influence has changed someone’s life! 

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