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The Parking Brake In Your Life

Don’t drive with your parking brake on. 
I don’t care how much you press on the gas pedal – you aren’t going anywhere as long as the parking brake of your vehicle is pressed down.  You see – that brake is the part of your vehicle that keeps you from moving when parked on an incline.  When you get in your car the first thing you do is make certain that the emergency brake is off before you put your car in gear.
You know all that right?  Then why do so many people try to move forward in life with the “parking brakes” still engaged?  There are experiences of life that have “parked” them in certain positions and because they are unwilling to disengage from that experience they remain stagnant and parked there.  They never move forward from that experience.  They relive it in their mind every day and feel the hurt and the pain attached to that experience.  Even though the experience was 30 years ago – the feelings are as fresh as if it happened just yesterday.  The reason those feelings are fresh is because you continually relive the moment over and over again.
It’s time to release the brake.  It’s time to move forward from that experience and stop reliving it.  Today is the day that you realize nothing can be done to change what has happened to you.  The only thing you can change is how you respond to that experience.  So here is my word to you today:  be willing to release the brake and allow yourself to start moving forward.  Move forward from the pain of the divorce.  Move forward from the mistrust of the abuse.  Move forward from the regret of wrong decisions.
Whatever is holding you back is separate from your power to change.  Nothing can stop you from choosing to change; so what are you waiting for?  Release the parking brake today and feel the wind in your face as you cruise into the greatest season of your life!

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