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Your Promise is One Step Away

Joshua 1:2-3

Moses my servant is dead; now therefore arise, go over this Jordan, thou, and all this people, unto the land which I do give to them, even to the children of Israel.  Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses.

What ground stands between you and your Canaan?  Each of us has a destiny for which God has given both a promise and the power needed to possess it.  The problem is that many of us refuse to step toward the promise that has already been made to us and release the power that has already been placed within us!  Take the next 5 minutes and consider with me this young man Joshua and what he needed to do reach the promise God had set before him.  You are no different than him; in fact – each of us must face this journey at one time or another within our lives.  Here’s the deal…

Joshua had to accept responsibility…  Moses my servant is dead

  • Moses was dead – you can’t blame a dead man for lack of progress! God brought Joshua to a point where he could no longer hide behind the shadow of this great leader Moses who had been miraculously chosen and prepared to emancipate Israel out of Egypt.  Moses was the man who did it all for Israel – so much so that he was overwhelmed with the problems of all the people who came to him from sunup to sundown.  But now – this man was gone.  It was time for Joshua to take responsibility for what happened from this point on.
  • What (or whose) shadow are you hiding behind? Why haven’t you accepted full responsibility for where you go in life?  Are you still blaming a parent that is out of your life; an economy over which you have no control; or a bad experience you had 30 years ago? 
  • No one is going to pick you and carry you into Canaan. You and I will only get there when I realize that I am responsible for where I go from this point – not anyone else.  This leads me to tell you…

Joshua had to face the immediate challengenow therefore arise, go over this Jordan

  • As soon as you accept responsibility – there will be a challenge that immediately confronts you. Joshua didn’t have a clue how he was going to get across Jordan.  He wasn’t a trained sailor – and even if he was – he didn’t have a big enough ship to get hundreds of thousands of people across this deep body of water.  He was confronted with a challenge he had no idea of how to conquer – but he knew he had to cross it!
  • Many people refuse to accept responsibility for their lives because they know that responsibility brings challenges.  But the reality is that you cannot conquer unless there is a challenge to conquer!  You cannot overcome unless there is something to “come over”!
  • Whatever challenge you have in front of you – face it right now! Stop putting it off pretending as if it is going to go away.  It will not go away but rather will grow deeper and loom larger the longer you wait to face the challenge.  Sure the Jordan looks deep right now – but don’t look at the depth of the river – look at the depth of the riches that lay beyond the river!

Joshua had to believe he had already won before he ever started… Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you

  • A guaranteed outcome breeds confidence. Some of you reading this post right now lack the confidence and faith you need to live a successful and productive life.  The reason you lack confidence is because you have allowed the problem to become bigger than the promise.
  • When I walk according to the principles of God and under the power of the providence of God – I will never lack the abundance of the provision of God.
  • I am guaranteed to win – therefore I must take the first step because that step of success and victory will lead me to a second step of success and victory. Soon – I will look behind and realize that the “Jordan River” of my life and the wilderness is so far behind me – I cannot even see it any longer.  Now all I see is the Canaan God has prepared for me.
  • Races are won one step at a time!   

The question is not if there will be challenges but when they will come and from where will they come.  Learn today to face the challenges that lay before you and the power of God is going to confront those challenges – you will win!  Your promise is one step away.

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